Pricing and Licensing Options

Where can I find pricing for Vuforia?

Vuforia pricing information is available at

What if I have multiple applications?

Every app needs its own license key. The same app may be deployed with a single license key across multiple platforms (iOS, Android and UWP) and mobile devices (phones and tablets). Different apps require different license keys.

Can I create an app at no charge?

Yes, the Develop license is available for development and prototyping. If you're new to augmented reality and want to play around with Vuforia, this free option is for you.

You can also deploy Unity apps that take advantage of our Ground Plane, Device Tracker and Stereo Rendering features for free without a License Key.

Once you intend to commercialize your app, you should review the available licensing options.

What are Enterprise Apps?

Enterprise Apps are meant for use by employees and contractors of companies with annual revenue of $10 million or greater. For a full definition, please see the Vuforia Developer Agreement.

Is my application eligible for a Classic or Cloud Plan?

If the company the app is built for reports under $10 million in annual revenue, the application is eligible for a Classic or Cloud Plan. For detailed pricing information, refer to the pricing page.

Can I distribute an Enterprise App through a public app store?

Yes. You may distribute an Enterprise App through any app store.

Can I distribute an Enterprise app with a Develop license key?

No. Enterprise Apps must be distributed with a Pro license key.

Does my existing app and license key support VuMarks?

Yes, all license keys allow for at least 100 VuMarks. VuMark functionality is backwards compatible with existing plans and license keys.  

How do I upgrade my Classic license key to  Pro?

You can request a Pro license key from the pricing page.

I bought a Classic license key for my app. Do I need to pay again if there is an update to the Vuforia software?

The Classic License covers Vuforia software updates for the major version of the SDK for which the license has been purchased.

How do I remove the watermark?

To remove the watermark, select a paid plan and update your app with the new License Key.

What happens if my app exceeds the monthly reco usage allowance for my License Key?

If your app is using a Cloud or Pro license key, your app will continue to work without interruption – there will be no impact to end users. For recos above the number included in the plan, you will be charged applicable overage charges as noted in your plan.
A Develop license key will be suspended when it reaches the maximum allowance of monthly recos. 

What are overages?

Any recos beyond the included monthly reco usage are overages. The standard overage rate is $0.01/reco.

Can I cancel my license key?

Yes. Classic and Cloud license keys can be canceled in the License Manager. See: Vuforia License Manager. Cloud cancellations are effective the end of the day the cancellation request is submitted. Pro license keys may be subject to different terms.

How To Change Plans

Contact us to obtain a new license type for your application.

What if none of the licensing options meet my needs?

To discuss licensing options with our sales team please fill out this  form.