Developing for the Gear VR

You can develop apps for the Samsung Gear VR using the Vuforia 5 Unity Extension.

Vuforia 5 is compatible with the following versions when developing for the Gear VR:

  • Unity versions 5.3.1, 5.2.x, 5.1.3p1 and 4.6.7+. Unity 5.1.3p1 resolves performance issues experienced with earlier 5.x releases.
  • Oculus Mobile SDK versions,, and 0.5.0
Vuforia 5.5 supports a minimum of Unity 5.2.4.

Refer to the Vuforia Supported Versions guide and SDK Release Notes for the latest info on software version compatibility.

The steps for integrating Vuforia with the Oculus Mobile SDK are detailed in these articles:

Integrating Gear VR and the AR/VR Sample (Legacy)
Integrating Gear VR and the AR/VR Sample in Unity 5.3

Note: Some scenes in our sample apps (e.g. About Screen) have not been designed to support interaction with digital eyewear devices. You can omit these scenes from the Unity Build Settings when necessary.

Vuforia supports AR/VR development for the Gear VR on the following devices:

Samsung S6 / S6 Edge Note 4
Model ID
SM-G920FDSM-G925W8 SM-N910A
SM-G920FSM-G920S  SM-N910C
SM-G925FSM-G925S  SM-N910F
SM-G920ASM-G920K  SM-N910K
SM-G925ASM-G925K  SM-N910L
SM-G920VSM-G920L  SM-N910P
SM-G925VSM-G925L  SM-N910R4
SM-G920TSM-G920I  SM-N910S
SM-G925TSM-G925I  SM-N910T
SM-G920PSCV31 SM-N910V
SM-G925PSC-04G    SM-N910W8
SM-G925R4404 SC