Cloud Recognition

The Vuforia Cloud Recognition Service is an enterprise class Image Recognition solution that enables developers to host and manage Image Targets online. Cloud Recognition is available with the Development, Cloud, Pro, and Enterprise licenses. Usage is determined by the total number of image recognitions, or “recos”, per month that your app performs and is counted when a target is matched.

The result of a Image Recognition query is determine by the API used to execute the query.
Query APIResult
TargetFinder API (SDK)Image Target Trackable
Cloud Recognition Web APIList of target IDs
Note: The query result returned to the Cloud Recognition Web API is a list of matching targets by ID, ranked by recognition confidence. This API does not receive a trackable target result.

Use Cases

The Vuforia Cloud Recognition service is ideally suited for apps that use many targets, or targets that need to be updated frequently. Customers using the service can leverage the following benefits:
  • Scale: More than one million targets can be used in an app.
  • Flexibility: Integrate with existing content management systems.
  • Time to Market: Deliver real-time, dynamically changing content and accelerate time to market
  • Publications – Catalogs, Magazines, Newspapers
  • Retailers – Product visualization, in-store traffic generation, etc.
  • Advertisers – Multi-branded content, coupons, promotions, etc.
  • Product Recognition – Wine labels/bottles, Cereal boxes, etc.
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Cloud Recognition Service FAQs

Supported Images

Image targets can be created with Vuforia Target Manager using JPG or PNG images in RGB or grayscale. The size of the input images must 2 MB or less.

Attributes of an Ideal Image Target

Supported Environments

Image Targets should be viewed under moderately bright and diffuse lighting.  The surfaces of the object should be evenly lit. 

Working with Cloud Recognition

Cloud Recognitions supports two workflows for uploading and managing targets in Cloud Databases, using either the Vuforia Target Manager or the Vuforia Web Services API.

Target Manager Workflow

The Vuforia Target Manager is a web based tool that enables you to create and manage target databases online. You can also manage the associations of databases to app licenses using the Target Manager.

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Vuforia Target Manager

Vuforia Web Service Workflow

The Vuforia Web Service ( VWS ) API is a RESTful web API that enables developers to use their own Content Management System (CMS) with Vuforia’s Cloud Recognition service. You can add targets, manage their states, and collect usage data using VWS.

Vuforia Web Services
How To Use the Vuforia Web Services API

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SDK Workflow

Cloud Recognition apps utilize the same APIs for handling Image Targets that apps using Device Databases do. The significant difference between Cloud and Device Database apps is that Cloud Recognition apps utilize the TargetFinder class which manages the execution of queries and handling of query results. 

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Best Practices

Best Practices for using the VWS API

Advanced Topics

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