Vuforia Target Manager

The Vuforia Target Manager is a web based tool that enables you to create and manage target databases online. You can also manage the assignment of databases to license keys using the Target Manager.

Use the Target Manager to:

  • Create Device, VuMark, and Cloud Databases
  • Assign databases to license keys
  • Add targets to databases
  • Edit and remove targets
  • Manage databases
  • Download Device Databases

Supported Targets

The Target Manager supports both image based targets and VuMarks. Target images for Image Targets, Multi-Targets and Cylinder Targets must be either 8 or 24 bit PNG or JPG files. JPG files must be RGB or greyscale. The maximum image file size is 2.25 MB.

VuMarks must be SVG files created using the Vuforia Designer tool in Adobe Illustrator, See: Designing a VuMark in Adobe Illustrator

The Target Manager also supports Object Data (*.od) files produced by the Vuforia Object Scanner. Object Data files are used for Object Recognition

Working with the Target Manager

To begin working with the Target Manager, you’ll need a Vuforia Developer account. If you don’t have one, See: How To Register as a Vuforia Developer.

All Databases created in the Target Manager must be associated with an license key. To create an app license See: How To Create an App License

Once you have a license key defined in the License Manager, you can

Device, VuMark, and Cloud Databases

Vuforia supports three database types for storing targets.
  • Device Databases are local databases of image or object targets that are stored on the user's device
  • VuMark Databases are local databases of VuMarks that are stored on the user's device
  • Cloud Databases are databases of Image Targets stored online and queried over the internet.

Use a Device Database when you need to the fastest possible recognition of Image, Cylinder or Multi-Targets targets and won't need to change the target set for your app very frequently. You should also use a Device Database when using Object Targets for Object Recognition.

Use a VuMark Database when you need to recognize, decode and/or track a VuMark.

Use Cloud Databases when you need to detect from up to 1 million Image Targets or want the convenience of being able to actively manage your target set online. Cloud Databases do not support Cylinder Targets or Multi-Targets.

There are also performance differences between Device and Cloud Database.

  • Query times for Device Databases are faster than for Cloud Databases
  • Device Databases support tracking of multiple targets simultaneously, while Cloud Databases support tracking of one target at a time.
  • Large Device Databases can take a few seconds to load, while Cloud Databases can be queried as soon as your app starts.
Comparison of Device and Cloud Databases

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