Vuforia License Manager

The License Manager provides you with the tools and information you need to create and manage your licenses. Whether you are developing or deploying an app, you need a license key. 
Creating a license key is simple.

  1. Select a Project Type
    • Development - develop for free before upgrading to a commercial license
    • Consumer - create apps for public distribution
    • Enterprise - create apps for enterprise distribution
  2. Select an application type if you are developing a Consumer or Enterprise app
  3. Name your App
  4. Review your licensing options and select one that suits your needs
  5. Confirm your selection and get a license key for your app. 

Each license key can only be used in a single app. You will need to create a unique license key for each Vuforia app that you develop, though you can use the same license key for all OS versions of the app supported by your license type.

To use the License Manager, you need an active Vuforia developer account.
See: How To Register as a Vuforia Developer
License Manager
How To Create a License Key provides more information on creating and managing license keys.

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Once you've created a license key, you can assign Device, VuMark and Cloud Databases to your app using the Vuforia Target Manager.

Billing Management 

To change your Credit Card and Billing Address, See: How To Change Billing Information 

Frequently Asked Questions

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