Comparison of Device and Cloud Databases

Vuforia Engine supports three distinct target database types:

  • Device databases store Image Target, Multi Targets, and Cylinder targets with your app on the device
  • Cloud databases store Image Targets remotely on the Vuforia Cloud Recognition service. These targets are then queried and retrieved over an HTTP connection.
  • VuMark databases store a VuMark with your app on the device

This article describes the relative advantages of Device and Cloud databases. For information on VuMark databases, See: How To Create a New VuMark Database

Device databases

Device databases provide Vuforia applications with a locally accessible database of image targets.
If you know what the application will be expected to see, and know that the target set of images is fewer than 1000, then a local device database is the correct solution. Device database use cases include promotional campaigns for a specific set of products or print material. An example is anything that will be identified and scanned with a lower set of images. Device databases receive more immediate responses because the images are stored locally.

See: Best practices for large device databases

Cloud databases

Cloud databases provide Vuforia applications with a large number of targets. Cloud databases are stored in the Internet and support over a million image targets.

If the application supports a retail or catalog use case where there are more than 1000 images or the images are updated frequently, then a cloud database is the correct solution. Cloud image targets may take a little longer to identify, depending on network connectivity, but they provide a strong image recognition capability.

To help make a decision, consider the comparison of the two databases, as listed in the following table.

Device Database

Cloud Database

Recommended for databases of 1,000 targets or less Allows >1 million targets in the cloud database
Allows downloading targets in different combinations Is made up of one database with all images and metadata
Downloaded targets are only for detection, no metadata support Targets retrieved by cloud recognition can carry up to 1 MB of metadata
Network connection on the end-user device is not required for detection Network connection on the end-user device is required for recognition, network traffic for cloud recognition
Run time detection response time is within 2 to 3 frames Response time is affected by network conditions
Multiple databases can be active (each with maximum 1000 targets) Recognition on maximum 1 million targets is active at any time
Free Free and paid, depending on usage