How To Work with VuMark Databases

How To Create a New VuMark Database

To add a VuMark to your app, you'll need to create a VuMark database and add the VuMark to that database. This article will show you how to create a VuMark database.

  1. Go to the Target Manager in the Vuforia Developer Portal.
  2. Press Add Database. The Create Database dialog opens.
  3. Name the database and select the VuMark database option. The database name should be unique for the developer account you are using.
  4. Choose an application to associate your database with. If you haven't already defined an app in the License Manager, See: How To Create a License Key


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  1. Press Create. You'll be taken back to the Target Manager database list.

How To Add a VuMark to a Database

Adding a VuMark to a VuMark Database

  1. Create a VuMark database if you have not done so already
  2. Go to the Target Manager Home Page. You will see a list of existing VuMark databases
  3. In the list of databases, find and click the name of the VuMark database in which you want to add a new VuMark.
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Note: VuMark templates can only be added to VuMark database types. Device and Cloud databases will not accept VuMarks.

Add a VuMark to a Database

  1. Press the Add Target button, an Add VuMark Target dialog will be presented
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  • Define the width of your VuMark in scene units. We recommend defining this to correspond with the printed VuMark's width in whichever unit of measurement you prefer.
  • Provide a unique name for this VuMark template
  • Browse to the VuMark scalable vector graphics (*.svg) file for your VuMark

Note: Developers looking to use VuMark in combination with Positional Device Tracker should specify the target size in meters.

2. Click Add. After a short processing interval the Target Detail page opens with the result of the upload.

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Generating a VuMark instance for download

  1. Click the Generate VuMark link corresponding to the VuMark template for which you want to generate an instance image. You'll be presented with the Generate VuMark dialog.
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  • Define the ID for your VuMark in a supported data format. The data length cannot exceed the ID Length value for the VuMark template.
  • Select the Graphic Format for the VuMark image file


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  1. Press the Download button to download this VuMark instance to your computer

How To Generate a VuMark Instance in the Target Manager

To generate an instance of a VuMark in the Target Manager, select the VuMark Database containing the VuMark. Then click the Generate VuMark link next to the VuMark want to generate an instance of.

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The Generate VuMark dialog enables you set a VuMark ID value and select the graphic format of the VuMark instance image to download.

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