Integrating Cardboard to the AR/VR Sample

The Vuforia AR/VR sample for Unity demonstrates how to develop mixed reality AR/VR experiences for Cardboard viewers, and also how to implement gaze detection to trigger transitions between the AR and VR modes of the experience.

This article assumes you are using Vuforia 6.5 or above along with Unity 2017.2 or above.

Refer to the Vuforia Supported Versions guide and SDK Release Notes for the latest info on software version compatibility.

Using Vuforia 6.5's Built-in Support for Cardboard / Google VR

Vuforia 5.5 introduces built-in support for Cardboard / Google VR so that it is no longer necessary to import the Cardboard / Google VR SDK into your project and perform lengthy integration steps.  If you want to enable Cardboard / Google VR support in your own existing Vuforia 6.5 project, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Player Settings (Edit>Project Settings> Player) and in the XR Settings:
    • Enable  "Vuforia Augmented Reality Supported"
    • Enable "Virtual Reality Supported"
    • In the "Virtual Reality SDKs" be sure to add "Cardboard"
  2. Open Vuforia Configuration (Windows>Vuforia Configuration) and under Digital Eyewear
    1.  Set Eyewear Type to "Video See-Through"
    2. Set Stereo Camera Config to "Cardboard"