Vuforia Model Target Test App

The Vuforia Engine provides a Test Application to assist in evaluating Model Targets. This app is distributed both as a pre-compiled Android APK, and iOS app, that you can install on you own device.

The purpose of the Test application is to:

  • Allow developers to quickly evaluate the capabilities of the Model Target detection and tracking feature of Vuforia. There is no need to write or build any code to see the Model Target tracking in action.
  • Enable developers to test if their custom targets, created using the Model Target Generator Tool, can be tracked and detected with good performance. Again, there is no need to write or build any code to experience this new feature in action.

The Model Target Test App provides the following functionality:

  • Detection and tracking of a predefined model of a 3D-printed object.
  • Loading a custom Model Target dataset (using the Model Target Generator Tool) at runtime from the local device storage (Android SD card).

Installing the app

You can install the app *.apk on a device by connecting the device to a PC with a USB cord and then connecting to the device using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB).

  1. Connect the device to the developer desktop environment with a USB cable.
  2. Open a Cygwin bash shell or Windows Command Line and execute:
    adb devices
    you will see:

    List of devices attached
    [ID] device
  3. To install the application, navigate to the folder containing the downloaded APK. In our example C:\Temp and install APK using adb.
    $ cd /cygdrive/c/temp
    $ adb install thisIsTheAPKName.apk

    If the device list is empty, or a given device is not listed, kill the ADB server by executing:
    adb kill-server
Vuforia Image

The Example CAD Object

The test app includes a pre-installed Model Target database for the Viking Lander. A corresponding 3D model is also provided with the Model Target sample projects. You can print a 3D version of the model....

The detection and tracking can be verified on either: the real physical object, a toy replica of it, or a 3D printed replica by aligning the app’s guide view.

Vuforia Image

Most important is the ratio of the object viewed through the camera versus the size of the camera view. The augmentations, however, depend on the physical scale.

Vuforia Image

Courtesy of NASA, the 3D model of the Viking Lander is provided with the Model Targets Sample application.

Loading Datasets onto the device

Prior to launching the Test app, you can load your own Model Target Datasets, created by the Target Generator Tool, onto the device’s storage to load and test them during the Test app execution. At runtime, the app will automatically scan a specific directory in the device file system and report any dataset found, allowing the user to select them through the UI.

The Target Generator Tool is available only for Vuforia Innovator Program (VIP) participants.

Uploading datasets to an Android device

A Model Target Dataset consists of 2 files:

  • <YourDatasetName>.xml
  • <YourDatasetName>.dat

On Android, for each dataset, you can upload those two files onto the device storage by copying them to the following directory:


So, for example, if your dataset were called “SomeDataSet”, you would copy the XML and DAT files to the following locations:



You can copy the files to your USB-connected Android device using the adb push command, for example:

adb push SomeDataSet


The following diagram shows the resulting folder hierarchy:

  • /sdcard/Android/data/com.vuforia.testapps.unitymodeltargetstest/files/
    • ModelTargetData/
      • SomeDataSet//
        • SomeDataSet.dat
        • SomeDataSet.xml
      • AnotherDataSet/
        • AnotherDataSet.dat
        • AnotherDataSet.xml

Selecting and loading a Dataset

At runtime, you can double-tap the screen to open the options Menu and select a Dataset from the list.

Vuforia Image

Once you click on a Dataset, a loading progress dialog will appear.

Vuforia Image

When the loading is complete, the detection guide view will be updated according to the new dataset.

Vuforia Image

You can then aim your device to the object to be detected, trying to align it with the guide view, until it is detected.