Vuforia Engine Package Hosting for Unity

Starting with Vuforia Engine 8.6, the package for Unity is available through a scoped NPM (Node Package Manager) registry.
This Vuforia registry needs to be added to your Unity project in order to access it through Unity Package Manager.

The easiest way to do this is to import an editor script into your Unity project that will make the change to your project. This script is available at the Vuforia Engine Download Page:


Add or update Vuforia Engine to your Unity Project (SDK Downloads)


Once the script has been imported, it will prompt you with a popup, asking to:

  • Add the scoped repository to the project if it does not exist yet
  • If the project already references a Vuforia Engine package, it will be upgraded to the latest version.
Dialog for

Alternative: Adding the Vuforia registry manually

As an alternative, you can directly add the scoped registry to your project by editing the manifest.json in your project’s Packages folder, adding an entry for “scopedRegistries”:

     "scopedRegistries": [
             "name": "Vuforia",
             "url": "",
             "scopes": [
    "dependencies": {

Once the scoped registry has been added, the latest version of the Vuforia Engine package is available in the Unity Package Manager UI:

Vuforia Image

Alternative: Download Vuforia Engine package and import manually

Instead of adding the scoped Vuforia registry to your project and adding the Vuforia Engine package through the package manager, you can also download the package and copy it to the Packages folder of your Unity project:

Vuforia Image

You can browse and download the latest Vuforia Engine package here: