Area Targets

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Area Targets is a Vuforia powered environment tracking feature that enables you to track and augment areas and spaces. By using a 3D scan as an accurate model of the space to create an Area Target Device Database, you can easily deliver augmentations to stationary objects in the scanned environment. This enables creating games, navigation applications, and spatial instructions that are all using the surroundings as interactive elements to be explored. Offices, factory floors, apartments, public spaces, museums, and many more areas are ideal sites for Area Targets.


Currently, Area Targets support Matterport™ scanned spaces.

To start, a Matterport™ account and a Matterport™ camera is required. Matterport™ offers different types of 3D scanning cameras; however, we recommend using only the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera as other cameras will not deliver 3D meshes that can be successfully used by the Area Target Generator. Consult Matterport™ and visit their website for information on how to acquire or gain access to their Matterport™ camera:

As an alternative to owning a camera, you can reach out to many service providers in your vicinity to scan your space. In such cases, it is still recommended to have your own Matterport™ account, as you will need to purchase some digital services (see below), and you will require API-access to data on your account.

In addition to the camera the following equipment and software for scanning with Matterport™ are required:

Software Hardware
  • Vuforia Engine SDK 9.0 or higher
  • Vuforia Area Target Generator 9.0 or higher
  • Unity 2019.2. or newer
  • Matterport™ Capture App installed on an Apple device
  • Supported 3D Camera with a professional-grade tripod and quick-release clamp


Supported Platforms

The Area Target Generator (ATG) is supported on Windows and macOS .

Consult the table on the Supported Versions for more details. You can retrieve the ATG from the Vuforia Developer Platform.

ARKit and ARCore supported mobile devices and the HoloLens devices are eligible for Area Targets. See here for a list of supported devices.

Capturing Scanned Spaces

To generate Area Targets spaces are scanned using a 3D-scanner. Currently, Vuforia supports Matterport™ scans. Matterport™ offers a full solution to capture, create, and distribute 3D models via their 3D camera solutions. See Scanning Guide for Area Targets Using Matterport ™ for detailed instructions on getting started with Matterport™ and capturing environments. We also recommend you get familiar with the Best Practices for Preparing and Scanning and Environment.

Creating Area Targets

The Area Target Generator (ATG) application is available for creating Area Targets in only a few simple steps. Get the ATG from Vuforia’s downloads page.

The ATG retrieves your scanned spaces from your personal, or your company’s Matterport™ account and generates a Vuforia Device Database. This consists of a .unitypackage, dataset files, and a textured mesh of the scanned space ready to be imported into Unity project or your native development environment.

See the Area Target Generator User Guide for a step-by-step guide to install the ATG and further general information. The How to Create Area Targets article shows a step by step guide to generating Area Targets.

Developing with Area Targets

To create your application, you can load your Area Targets into the Unity Editor and author 3D augmentations into the 3D model of the scanned space. You can choose to develop the application entirely with the Unity Editor and deploy the application to your device for testing, or you can integrate the Area Target with the augmentation into a native application coded with the Vuforia native developer guidelines. See Using Area Target in Unity and Area Targets Native Workflow for information on how to develop with Area Targets.

The Area Target uses the AreaTracker and requires the Device Tracker to be enabled in your development environment. Additionally, you may combine tracking with an external source input such as GPS or indoor-positioning solutions to further improve localization robustness in the space that you are using. See Area Target API Overview for more information.

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