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Detailed Description

A collection of different representations of a single image captured from a camera.

A Frame object can include an arbitrary number of image representations in different formats or resolutions together with a time stamp and frame index.

If any of the configured Trackers require particular frame formats internally, these will be included in getNumImages()/getImage(). It is not possible to predict in advance exactly which frame formats will be used, however, so if you require a specific image representation you should request it using Vufora::setFrameFormat().

Frame implements the RAII pattern: A newly created frame holds new image data whereas copies share this data. The image data held by Frame exists as long as one or more Frame objects referencing this image data exist.

Public Member Functions

 Frame ()
 Creates a new frame. More...
 Frame (const Frame &other)
 Creates new references to an existing frame's data. More...
 ~Frame ()
 Destructor. More...
Frameoperator= (const Frame &other)
 Thread safe assignment operator. More...
double getTimeStamp () const
 Get the time stamp (in seconds) of this frame. More...
int getIndex () const
 Get the index of this frame. More...
List< const ImagegetImages () const
 Read-only access to the list of images in this frame. More...

Protected Attributes

FrameData * mData

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Frame ( )

Creates a new frame.

Frame ( const Frame other)

Creates new references to an existing frame's data.

~Frame ( )


Member Function Documentation

Frame& operator= ( const Frame other)

Thread safe assignment operator.

double getTimeStamp ( ) const

Get the time stamp (in seconds) of this frame.

The time stamp of a frame is the time when the image was captured, independent of when the image buffer itself was created.

The time stamp is measured in seconds, and represents the time elapsed since some reference time. The reference time is platform and device specific, but is usually either the time when the application was launched or the time the device started up.

int getIndex ( ) const

Get the index of this frame.

List<const Image> getImages ( ) const

Read-only access to the list of images in this frame.

Member Data Documentation

FrameData* mData