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DeviceTrackable Class Reference

Detailed Description

A type of Trackable that tracks the pose of the device.

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Public Member Functions

boolean equals (Object obj)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Trackable
Object getUserData ()
boolean setUserData (Object userData)
boolean equals (Object obj)
Type getType ()
 Get the Type for this instance (typically a subclass of Trackable). More...
boolean isOfType (Type type)
 Check whether this instance is of the given Type or any of its subclasses. More...
int getId ()
 Get a unique id for this Trackable. More...
String getName ()
 Get the name of this Trackable's name. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static Type getClassType ()
 Get the Type for class 'DeviceTrackable'. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Trackable
static Type getClassType ()
 Get the Type of class 'Trackable'. More...

Member Function Documentation

boolean equals ( Object  obj)
static Type getClassType ( )

Get the Type for class 'DeviceTrackable'.