Area Target Capture API

The Vuforia Area Target Capture API enables your application to capture and generate Area Targets at runtime and use them immediately after to track environments.

The Area Target Capture API lets you capture and track spaces within your own application. With the API, you can implement your own custom logic and User Interface to enable users to capture and track spaces as an Area Target. Enable the additional authoring assets during generation for users to augment their spaces through your application.


Capturing spaces with the Area Target Capture API is supported on:

  • iOS devices with LiDAR sensor

OAuth2 credentials

To use target generation with the Capture API, please create a pair of OAuth2 credentials. See Vuforia Web API Authentication on how to acquire the credential pair.


By default, the Area Target Capture API requires an Internet connection, because the Area Target dataset generation must verify the credentials and the associated remaining allowance to generate Area Targets. No captured data is being shared or uploaded to PTC services in the process.

If no Internet connection is available, the Area Target Capture API can be configured to only generate authoring files from the captured data. The authoring files include the authoring.3dt Space file which can be input to the Area Target Generator to create an Area Target dataset. Please note: for applications that require an Area Target immediately after capturing the space this path is not practical.

Area Target Capture

Implement the Capture API in Unity using the available prefabs and sample resources including UI to control the steps of the capturing and generation process.

See Area Target Capture for Unity.

Implement the Capture API in your native application using the Area Target Capture Controller API and Mesh Observer for the live occlusion and overlay mesh.

See Area Target Capture for Native.

Capture Workflow

Scanning an Environment provides general guidelines for capturing a smaller space with a handheld device. In addition, the Area Target Capture provides status and status info on the progress, quality, and generation of the Area Target from the scan.

See Status and Status Info for a full list of the status and status info.

API Summary

The Area Target Capture API is a controller that creates a capture instance based on a configuration. With a capture instance, you can start capturing a space. You can pause, resume, and stop a capture and generate an Area Target with additional optional authoring assets from it. During the capturing, status and status info provides information on the capture and target generation.

A Mesh Observer is used to retrieve the live preview mesh from the Area Target Capture instance. The Mesh Observer is configurable and provides status and status info.

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