License Manager FAQ

What is the License Manager?

The License Manager is a web application on the developer portal that allows you to create and manage license keys.

What is a license key?

A license key is an alpha-numeric code that the app must pass to the SDK as a string during SDK initialization. License keys are tied to a plan: BASIC or PREMIUM.

Can I use the same license key for the Android, iOS and UWP versions of my app?

Yes, you can use the same license key for the same app if it is deployed on more than one operating system platform (e.g., Android and iOS). In addition, the same license key can also be used across different apps and published to any region.

Does my app need to connect to the internet?

No. Your app will work without an internet connection. However, your app will require an internet connection if it is using a cloud database or VWS service.

Can I use the same license key for mobile and digital eyewear versions of my app?

Yes, you can use the same license key for mobile, video see-through devices, and optical see-through devices

What is the difference between the license key and the cloud database keys?

A license key is required to access the features of the Vuforia Engine for all versions of the SDK.
The cloud database keys, access key and secret key, are required to access the Cloud Recognition service and server.

What happens to my app when I cancel my license key or when my license key is suspended?

If you cancel a license key or if it gets suspended, new users of your app will not be able to access any Vuforia functionality.

  • Cloud databases will no longer be accessible to users.
  • Device databases will continue to work for only existing users.