Pricing and Licensing Options

Where can I find pricing for Vuforia Engine?

Vuforia Engine pricing information is available at the PTC pricing page.

What is the Basic plan?

The free Basic plan lets you create Vuforia Engine license keys that unlocks the use of several of the Vuforia features and services.

License keys created from the Basic plan support unlimited application development and publishing without a watermark with the following Vuforia features:


  • Image Targets
  • Multi Targets
  • Cylinder Targets
  • VuMarks
  • Ground Plane


  • Instant Image Targets
  • AR Foundation
  • Advanced Camera API (Deprecated)
  • File Driver
  • Cloud Recognition up to 1000 image targets and 1000 recos/month

The Basic plan allows for development with the Model Targets and Area Targets features but your application cannot be published to an app store. A Vuforia watermark will, in addition, be present when using these following features together with a Basic license key.

  • Model Targets have a creation limit of 20 in the Model Target Generator
  • Area Targets have a creation limit of 20 in the Area Target Generator

What is the Premium plan?

The Premium plan is an annual subscription that lets you request and receive Vuforia Engine license keys that can be used with the Model Target and Area Target Vuforia features. 

These license keys unlock all the Vuforia features that the Basic plan supports, and further extends unlimited development and app publishing without a watermark for:

  • Model Targets
  • Area Targets
  • Barcode Scanner

What are Cloud and Cloud Plus add-ons?

The Cloud and Cloud Plus add-ons are subscriptions that let you create an individual Vuforia Engine license key that can be associated with a Cloud Database to increase your monthly Cloud Recognition limits.

Can I publish an app at no charge?

Yes, it is free to build and publish apps that use the Vuforia Engine with a Basic plan. However, If you want to publish an app with Model Targets and Area Targets, you will need a Premium plan.

How do I remove the watermark?

If you are using the Model Targets or Area Targets with a Basic license key, a watermark will show, and the application cannot be published to an app store. Remove the watermark by upgrading to the Premium plan.

How do I upgrade my Basic plan to Premium?

You can request a Premium plan from the pricing page.

What should I do with my existing apps and my legacy basic license?

No actions are required. You can continue to use your basic license in your existing apps. Basic legacy licenses do not expire and license holders will not be billed in the future.

What should I do with my legacy development license?

You can continue to use your older development license in your existing development projects. Legacy Development and Legacy Basic licenses behave similarly as the Basic plan, but they do not include Cloud or Model Target/Area Target trial capabilities. To take advantage of the trial features, please generate a new Basic license.

How many apps can I publish with my plan?

You can publish unlimited apps under a single plan (Basic, Premium).

We recommend that you generate a new license key in the License Manager for each app you wish to publish. Premium plan holders can contact our support through the License Manager’s Request Additional Premium Keys to create more premium license keys.

How can I share licenses with my team and organization?

For accessing the Engine Developer Portal, we recommend that you use one shared email account for your team and organization to generate targets, manage databases, and access licences. E.g. It is recommended that your team monitors this email for activity and important notifications from the Engine Developer Portal to access your licenses needed for development.

For using Vuforia Engine web services within your organization, we recommend creating OAuth credentials to share with your team that can be managed from the Engine Developer Portal Credentials Manager.

I already bought a license key for my app. Do I need to pay again to change to the new plans?

No, your existing license will continue to function as normal.

Does my app and license key support VuMarks?

Yes, all license keys allow for developing and publishing with VuMarks. You can use multiple VuMark databases and the webAPI for generating VuMark instances. See Using the VuMark Generation API for details.

Can I use a Cloud or Cloud Plus add-on in my app?

If your application is using Cloud Databases and you reach the limit of 1000 recos a month, you may purchase the Cloud or Cloud Plus add-on. Both the Basic and Premium plan can be extended with the add-ons. The tier of the add-on depends on the number of recos and Image Targets used by your application. For a price list, please refer to the pricing page.

What happens if my app exceeds the monthly reco usage allowance provided by the Cloud and Cloud Plus add-on?

If your app is using a Cloud or Cloud Plus add-on, and you exceed the reco allowance, your app will continue to work without interruption – there will be no impact to end users.

If you exceed the limit, an email notification is sent to you to get in touch with sales to review your add-on tier level as there is an overage charge for exceeding the limit.
NOTE: A Basic or Premium created license key used in an app without a Cloud or Cloud Plus add-on will be suspended when it reaches the maximum allowance of monthly recos (1000).

What are Cloud add-on overages?

Any Cloud recos beyond the included monthly Cloud reco usage are overages. The standard overage rate is $0.01/Cloud reco.

Can I cancel my license key?

Yes. Basic and Premium plans have the license keys in the License Manager where you may cancel or modify a created license key. See Vuforia License Manager for steps. Basic and the add-ons Cloud and Cloud Plus cancellations are effective by the end of the day, the cancellation request is submitted. Premium license keys may be subject to different terms, and you will need to contact us.

What happens to my app when my Premium or Cloud add-on license expires?

In apps that use an expired paid license, Vuforia Engine will fail to initialize on startup due to the failed license check. This means that the Vuforia Engine functionality included in your application will not work. Some users who have already installed and run the app prior to the license expiring might be able to continue using Engine due to cached license information, though such usage would be out of compliance with the terms of the Engine license agreement. Apps that use a Cloud add-on license will no longer be able to use Cloud Recognition when the license expires, and the requests will fail.

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