Target Manager

What is the Target Manager?

The Target Manager is a web application to create and manage Device, Cloud, and VuMark databases. The Target Manager is available on the Engine Developer Portal by logging in with a Vuforia Engine Developer account.

What is a Vuforia database?

A Vuforia database holds the information necessary to track various predefined targets in the form of dataset files; an XML and DAT file, and sometimes other files. The Target Manager can generate the following database types:

  • A Device Database for Image, Cylinder, and Multi Targets. It must be downloaded and stored on the device with the application.
  • A VuMark Database for VuMarks. It must also be downloaded and stored on the device with the application.
  • A Cloud Database for storing Image Targets in the Vuforia servers. You don’t need to download this database but instead use the access keys in the application to connect with the database.

Other database types are created with other Vuforia tools and apps such as the Area Target Generator and Model Target Generator.

See Working with Device Databases, VuMark Databases, Cloud Databases, Area Target Generator, and Model Target Generator for more details.

Which image files can I upload to the Target Manager?

The supported image formats are described in the Target Manager article. 

In short:

  • Images must be in one of the supported formats: PNG or JPEG.
  • Images must either be grayscale or RGB-8-bit or 24 bit. This means that 32-bit images with an alpha channel (RGB + Alpha) are not allowed.
  • Image sizes must not exceed 2 MB.

How many targets can I place in a Device Database?

We recommend placing no more than 1000 images in a single Device Database. Each image will increase the database file size.

In what formats can I download the databases from the Target Manager?

You can download Device Database or VuMark Databases as ZIP files or Unity Asset Packages.

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