Vuforia Engine Features

Vuforia Engine’s recognition and tracking capabilities can be used on a variety of images and objects.

Model Targets: Allow you to recognize objects by shape using pre-existing 3D models. Place AR content on a wide variety of items like industrial equipment, vehicles, toys, and home appliances.

Image Targets: Attach content onto flat images, such as print media and product packaging.

Object Targets: Are created by scanning an object. They are a good option for toys and other products with rich surface details and a consistent shape.

Multi-Targets: Are created using more than one Image Target and can be arranged into regular geometric shapes (e.g. boxes) or in any arbitrary arrangement of planar surfaces.

Cylinder Targets: Recognize images wrapped onto objects that are approximately cylindrical in shape (e.g. beverage bottles, coffee cups, soda cans).

VuMarks: These are customized markers that can encode a range of data formats. They support both unique identification and tracking for AR applications.

External Camera: Access video data from a camera outside of the one in a phone or tablet when creating AR experiences.  

Ground Plane: Enables you to place content on horizontal surfaces in the environment like tables and floors.  


Vuforia Fusion is designed to provide the best possible AR experience on a wide range of devices. It senses the capabilities of the underlying device and fuses them with Vuforia Engine's features, allowing developers to rely on a single Vuforia API for an optimal AR experience.

Vuforia Engine can recognize and track a wide range of 3D objects as well. Object Recognition enables Object Targets to be created by scanning physical objects. It allows you to create apps that recognize and track intricate rigid objects.

The Cloud Recognition Service helps recognize a large set of images or if the database is frequently updated. The Vuforia Web Services API allows you to manage these large image databases in the cloud efficiently and enables you to automate your workflows by direct integration into your content management systems.

The Vuforia Engine Driver Framework allows developers to provide and consume data from external systems through Vuforia Engine. This framework provides access to External Camera features. The External Camera defines all specifics required for Vuforia Engine to access external image sources.