Vuforia Credentials Manager

Manage credentials for authenticating and set permissions for users or employees that use the Vuforia authoring tools.

Client credentials can be created, updated, listed, and deleted using the Credentials Manager on the Vuforia Engine Developer Portal or via a REST API.

Create OAuth2 Client Credentials

Client credentials consist of a client_id and client_secret key pair and associated scopes and are typically used in applications and backends to be exchanged for a JWT Token.

The client credentials can be used:

Credentials Manager interface

Log in to the Developer Portal and open the tab Credentials Manager to view, create, update, and delete your OAuth2 client credentials.

The main page lists client credentials associated with your Vuforia Developer Account.

  1. To create new client credentials, click Create new credentials.
  2. Give your credential pair a unique and descriptive name and assign the scopes. See OAuth2 Scopes for details on the available scopes. The credential name will not be the same as the Client ID.
  3. Click Create. Then Download or Copy the Client ID and Client Secret. The Secret will not be shown again!

Once created, you can make further edits to manage the scopes associated to client credentials from the list. This allows adding and revoking permissions to existing applications that are using the credentials.

To delete a credential, Click the bin icon. Type Yes to confirm deletion. This action cannot be undone.

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