Tools Overview

Vuforia provides tools for creating targets, managing target databases and testing them. All Vuforia tools are available from the Developer Portal

Vuforia Desktop Tools

Area Target Generator


The Area Target Generator is a desktop application that allows you to create Area Targets from 3D-scans of an environment.

Area Targets can be generated from point clouds in E57 data format. To convert NavVis-scans into this format, you can use the Vuforia provided converter tool.

Model Target Generator


The Model Target Generator is a desktop application that allows you to create Model Targets from pre-existing 3D models. The Model Target Generator supports popular formats including .obj, .fbx, .pvz, .stl, .igs, .dae, .stp, and .vrml

For special use cases, we also offer an offline Model Target Generator which can generate Model Targets without an internet connection. You must have a Pro license to get access to the offline version. See Offline Model Target Generator for more information. 


Vuforia App and Device Tools

Vuforia Area Target Creator


The Vuforia Area Target Creator application is a complete app to scan, generate, and test Area Targets. The application is available for devices with inbuilt LiDAR sensors. 

Area Target Test App



The Area Target Test Application helps to quickly assess the quality and coverage of an Area Target dataset. This app is distributed as a pre-compiled Android APK and as source-code to deploy to all mobile platforms.


Model Target Test App


The Model Target Test Application assists in evaluating Model Targets, its Guide Views and its recognition range. This app is distributed as a pre-compiled Android APK, that you can install on you own device.

Vuforia Object Scanner


The Vuforia Object Scanner helps you easily scan smaller 3D objects into an object (.od) file ready for upload to the Vuforia Target Manager that creates Object Targets. The app is distributed as a pre-compiled Android APK.

Vuforia External Tools

Vuforia VuMark Designer


The VuMark Designer is a toolchain that allows you to create your own VuMark designs in Adobe® Illustrator®. The three scripts setup, verify, and export your designed VuMark. See VuMark Design Guide and Designing VuMarks in Adobe Illustrator for in-depth guides.

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