Account Manager

The Account Manager provides a helpful overview of your Vuforia Developer account. It serves as a centralized hub for managing your account settings, accessing billing details, and monitoring usage data and target generation.

Account Dashboard

View your Account Manager by logging in to the Vuforia Developer Portal. Logging in directs you to the dashboard where you find an overview and links to Vuforia Engine resources and content. In the Dashboard on the left, you can find information on your account and payment, and billing information.

If you have a Premium plan, it shows in the overview with status and renewal date. The Basic plan won’t show as it does not have a renewal date and is always active.

The Account Manager home page lists:

  • Your Premium or similar paid plans: Status and renewal date.
  • Getting Started with links to the Vuforia Library and API reference library.
  • Support with various direct support links and Support Center.
  • Download SDK and Tools with links to the downloadable SDKs, samples, and tools.
  • Vuforia Releases with links to announcements and release notes.

Account Info

In the Account Info tab, you can find your account information, such as name, company, and account history. Here you may change your account password.

NOTE: If you require to change other account information, please reach out via the billing support form.

Account Info tab lists:

  • Account details: Name, e-mail, company, country, username, password, PTC corporate number.
  • Account History.

Account Usage

The Account Usage tab has relevant information on your target generation usage for Model Targets and Area Targets. Cloud Image Target usage can be found in the License Manager under the Usage tab of a selected license.

Account Usage tab lists:

  • Model Target usage: Targets generated, date of the last generated target.
  • Area Target usage: Targets generated, date of the last generated target.

Payment Method

The Payment Method tab lets you view and update your credit card and billing address information for Cloud Add-on subscriptions.

NOTE: Please reach out to your sales representative for payment information related to your other paid plans.

Payment Method tab lists

  • Payment method.
  • Credit Card information.
  • Billing Address: Name, company, address, phone, notification email address, and tax/VAT ID.

Billing Statements

The Billing Statements tab lets you view your latest invoices when subscribed to a Cloud Add-on.

NOTE: Please reach out to your sales representative for billing information related to your other paid plans.

  • Lists billing statements with target date and invoice number for Cloud Add-on subscriptions.

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