Vuforia Engine Package for Unity

Vuforia Engine for Unity is provided as a tarball package that can be added to local projects through Unity’s Package Manager. For your convenience, a .unitypackage can be downloaded from the Vuforia Engine Developer portal that includes the tarball package and automatically adds it to your project when imported.

In this guide, we present the different ways to add Vuforia Engine to your Unity project. Choose between:

  • Adding the package via an editor script.
  • Adding the dependency in the package manager.
  • Downloading the package and adding it manually.

NOTE: Due to the file size of the Vuforia Engine package, downloading it it may take some time to complete, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Add Vuforia Engine to Unity via Editor script

Vuforia Engine is offered through a downloadable .unitypackage with a script to setup and download or update to the latest Vuforia Engine SDK:

Add or update Vuforia Engine to your Unity Project (SDK Downloads)

  1. Import the script from Unity’s menu Assets -> Import package -> Custom Package
  2. When you click Import, it will prompt you with a popup, asking to:
    • Add Vuforia Engine Package.
    • Upgrade the project to the latest version if it already references a Vuforia Engine package.

    • Press Update and the Vuforia Engine SDK will be installed.

Add Vuforia Engine Package from the Package Manager

In case you have downloaded the Vuforia Engine package for Unity before, it is also possible to add the tarball (.tgz) directly from the Package Manager window.

  1. First, download the package from the developer portal.
  2. In Unity, open the Package Manager from Window -> Package Manager and click the + icon.
  3. Select Add package from tarball…

  1. Browse to the downloaded package and import it.

Add Vuforia Engine from the Asset Store

As a third option, you can also download the Vuforia Engine package from your account on Unity’s Asset Store. This requires that you use the same Unity account on the store and in your Unity project.

  1. Go to the Vuforia Engine listing in the Unity Asset Store and select Add to my Assets
  2. In your Unity project, navigate to Window -> Package Manager and select Packages: My Assets.


  1. The Vuforia Engine package should now appear on the list. Select it and press Download, then Import.

  1. The download of this package includes the tarball package of Vuforia Engine that will be automatically added to your project.

TIP: The asset can in the future be updated and reimported into your project from the package manager’s asset.

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