Vuforia License Manager

The License Manager provides you with the tools and information you need to create and manage your licenses. Whether you are developing or deploying an app, you need a license key. Generate keys from either a BASIC or PREMIUM plan. For more information, please refer to Pricing and Licensing Options.

A license key be used in multiple app deployments. You will only need to create one unique license key for your Vuforia Engine apps even when deploying to different OS versions.

See also: Vuforia Engine Setup in Unity.

Once you've created a license key, you can assign Device, VuMark, and Cloud Databases to your app using the  Vuforia Target Manager.

Billing Management

To change your Credit Card and Billing Address, See: How to Change Billing Information

How to Create a License Key

Vuforia Engine apps utilize a license key that uniquely identifies the apps and enable them to access features of the Vuforia Engine. License keys are created in the Vuforia Developer Portal’s License Manager.


You will need a Vuforia Engine Developer account to create license keys; if you don't already have a Vuforia Engine Developer account, See: Register as a Vuforia Engine Developer

  1. Go to the License Manager page and click Get Basic.
  2. Add a desired name for your license key in the License Name* field. Check the confirmation box to accept the Vuforia Developer Agreement.
  3. Press Confirm. Your new license will appear in the License Manager. 

The Buy Premium and Buy Cloud Add-On unlocks several additional features such as unlimited usage of Model Targets, Area Targets, Object Targets, and CLOUD add-ons for cloud databases.

How to Cancel a License

License keys can be both canceled and deleted. Canceling a key deactivates that key's license but a record is retained of both in the License Manager. Deleting a key both cancels the key and removes its records from the License Manager. Cancellations are effective by the end of the day the cancellation request is submitted.

License keys created from a PREMIUM plan may be subject to different cancellation terms based on their plan agreement. Cancelling PREMIUM license keys submits a request to Vuforia Engine Support.

For PREMIUM plans

  1. Log in to the License Manager.
  2. Select the premium license you want to cancel.
  3. Click the Cancel Plan link on the license details tab.
  4. Type YES in the confirmation field and then press Confirm.
  5. A request is submitted to PTC Vuforia which will approve the cancellation. An email will be hereafter be sent confirming that the license key is cancelled.
  6. You can then delete the cancelled key from the license details panel.

For BASIC plans, a license key can only be deleted

  1. Log in to the License Manager.
  2. Select the license key you want to cancel.
  3. Click Delete License Key link on the license details tab


  1. Press Delete to delete the key. This action will also cancel the license.
  2. You will receive an email confirmation informing you of the cancellation of the license key

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