Cylinder Targets

Cylinder Targets enable you to detect and track images wrapped into cylindrical and conical shapes. Vuforia Engine can track the sides and the flat top and bottom of the Cylinder Target. Cylindrical shapes are widely used for consumer goods and often have unique labels that are ideal for creating an accompanying augmented reality experience.

Using Cylinder Targets

Cylinder Targets can be used to recognize and track product packaging that are cylindrical or conical in shape. Soda cans, coffee cups, mugs, drum containers, and beverage bottles are all good candidates for Cylinder Targets.


Moreover, the Cylinder Targets sample app that presents Vuforia’s core features can be a great starting point to help you implement and configure Cylinder Targets in an application.

TIP: Customize the sample with your own targets and content!


Supported Formats

Cylinder Targets support the same image formats used for Image Targets and Multi Targets. They are created with the Vuforia Target Manager using JPG or PNG images in RGB or grayscale. The size of the input images must be 2.25 MB or less. Features extracted from these images are stored in a device database, which can then be downloaded and packaged together with the application.

See Best Practices for Designing and Developing Image-Based Targets for more information.

NOTE: Cylinder Targets works best when it is viewed under moderately bright and evenly lit diffused lighting. Therefore, we recommend indoor scenarios for the best user experience.

Refer to this link to see more information on The Physical Properties of Image-Based Targets.

Creating and Managing Cylinder Targets

Preparing and Designing Cylinder Targets

Cylinder Targets are printed images that are wrapped onto conical or cylindrical objects. Therefore, you will need to consider its dimensions and warp before applying the print to your object to ensure that the Vuforia Engine can detect and steadily track the Cylinder Target. The preparation and design decisions include shape and size of the physical object, the placement of the image on the object, and the potential image distortion from wrapping it around the object.

To help you define the parameters successfully, please consult

Uploading and Managing Cylinder Targets

When you have designed your target images, you can upload them to the Vuforia Target Manager and add them as Cylinder Targets for image evaluation and rating. When creating Cylinder Targets, you need to define the dimensions of the physical cylinder: Bottom Diameter, Top Diameter, and Side Length.

Please see How to Work with Device Databases for creating Cylinder Targets with the Vuforia Target Manager.

Advanced Topics

Device Tracking

Device Tracking improves tracking robustness by using features of the environment surrounding the target. It enables you to use smaller models or to place models farther away from the camera. In addition, you will also benefit from the concept of Extended Tracking that enables tracking of the target even when the Cylinder Target is no longer in view.

Learn more at Device Tracking.

Using Multiple Cylinder Targets Simultaneously

Vuforia offers simultaneous tracking of targets and target types.  Let multiple Cylinder Targets or other image-based targets work together to apply target dependent functions and events. Or reward users by displaying unique augmentations when all boxes are collected and in view.

Visit Detect and Track Multiple Targets Simultaneously for more information.

Cylinder Target API Overview

The Cylinder Target is created with the Cylinder Target Observer. The corresponding Observations returns a common pose and individual status for the individual Image Targets that the Cylinder Target is built upon.

Please, refer to the Cylinder Target API Overview for more information.

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