Camera access is required for all AR applications. Using and controlling the camera lets you adjust performance, focus modes, and for advanced use cases, the viewport of the camera.

Working with the Camera

The camera is automatically configured by Vuforia Engine for both native and Unity development environments. However, there are still use cases for which control of the camera is necessary. An example is pausing the camera during non-AR tasks or if you wish to modify the frames rendered on the screen for window-in-window user interfaces.

To familiarize with the Camera API please refer to:

And for native:

Driver Framework

Vuforia Engine provide extensive support to developers wishing to create and use their own drivers to input camera and device tracking data to Vuforia Engine from external sources. You may also create drivers for custom hardware that includes device poses and image capturing cameras.

See Driver Framework to get started.

External Camera

Use Vuforia Driver to enable an external camera as the camera input to Vuforia Engine.

See External Camera for details.

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