External Camera Support

The Vuforia Engine Driver Framework allows developers to drive Vuforia Engine from an external camera, e.g. a USB connected webcam or camera images coming from a network source. In addition, external device poses can be provided as well.

The Driver implementation must implement several APIs which Vuforia Engine uses to access the external system. For more information on how to create your own External Camera, refer to Creating a Custom Driver.


Vuforia Engine provides two samples which demonstrate how to access image data from external systems.

  • The File Driver sample demonstrates loading a sequence of images from device storage
  • The UVC Camera Driver sample allows developers to access USB cameras from Android run devices

External Device Tracker

Some Vuforia Engine features are relying on device tracking poses in addition to camera images. For example, Area Targets require a positional device tracker, and device tracking is strongly recommended for stable Model Target tracking.

To enable these use cases, your custom driver implementation also needs to provide 6dof device tracking poses.

For more information on how to create a custom Driver Implementation including device tracking functionality, refer to Creating a Custom Driver.

Vuforia Engine provides a File Driver sample which demonstrates how to access image and pose data from external systems.

Currently, Vuforia Driver does not support the Ground Plane feature.

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