Platform Frameworks

Vuforia Engine will use ARKit and ARCore capabilities on supported devices , leveraging device tracking capabilities and exposing additional features of those frameworks.

Platform Handle

Access the platform specific functionalities in native apps with the platform handles for ARKit and ARCore. Other platform fusion providers – like HoloLens or Magic Leap do not need a handle to be used on app level in parallel. The article Using the Vuforia Fusion Platform Handle describes the steps to add pointers necessary for retrieving the ARKit and ARKit sessions in your application. We also encourage you to study the native samples that demonstrate such use cases.

See also Using ARCore with Vuforia Engine on enabling ARCore support for Unity and Native projects.

Illumination Data

Use illumination data from ARKit and ARCore to create dynamic shader effects based on real-world lighting conditions. Create and configure an Illumination Observer to extract the illumination values.

See Vuforia Engine Illumination for details on implementing this in a native development environment.

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