Working with the Vuforia Magic Leap Sample in Unity

The Magic Leap Vuforia Sample is a great way to start developing for the Magic Leap eyewear device. The sample can be easily imported into an existing Magic Leap Unity project and requires only a few steps to get you started.

To get started with the Vuforia Sample, please See Supported Versions for requirements and supported Unity versions.

Set up your Unity Project

Ensure first that your Unity installation includes Android Build Support. Refer to Getting Started With Vuforia Engine and Magic Leap for setting up Unity.

NOTE: The sample will automatically prompt you to include the correct Vuforia Engine package version. Importing the Magic Leap Unity Package is not required for this sample as it is already included. Importing another version of the package will overwrite what is included in the sample and may cause incompatibilities.

Add the Vuforia Sample

The Vuforia Sample package includes scenes with pre-configured components. Simply import it into your Unity project and build it to your Magic Leap device.

  1. Import the Vuforia Magic Leap Sample from the Unity Asset Store.
    • Importing the Sample project might require you to Install/Upgrade Package Manager dependencies.

Building to the Magic Leap Device

  1. Go to Build Settings and verify that the Vuforia sample scenes were added, and the build platform is Android.

  2. Build and Run to deploy the application on the device.

TIP: Print the Image Targets and place them next to each other to see them interact with each other.

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