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Detailed Description

A type of Trackable that represents a spatial anchor point.

An Anchor represents a fixed position and orientation (pose) relative to the real world. It can be used to accurately position objects in augmented reality.

The lifecycle of an Anchor is managed by the PositionalDeviceTracker. See PositionalDeviceTracker::createAnchor() and PositionalDeviceTracker::destroyAnchor() for more information.

Inheritance diagram for Anchor:
Trackable NonCopyable

Static Public Member Functions

static Type getClassType ()
 Get the Type for class 'Anchor'. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Trackable
static Type getClassType ()
 Get the Type of class 'Trackable'. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Trackable
virtual Type getType () const =0
 Get the Type for this instance (typically a subclass of Trackable). More...
virtual bool isOfType (Type type) const =0
 Check whether this instance is of the given Type or any of its subclasses. More...
virtual int getId () const =0
 Get a unique id for this Trackable. More...
virtual const char * getName () const =0
 Get the name of this Trackable's name. More...
virtual bool setUserData (void *userData)=0
 Set user data for this Trackable. More...
virtual void * getUserData () const =0
 Get the user data that was previously set using setUserData(). More...
virtual ~Trackable ()

Member Function Documentation

static Type getClassType ( )

Get the Type for class 'Anchor'.