Platform Components

There are three main components to the Vuforia platform.

1. The Vuforia Engine

The Vuforia Engine is the client side library that is statically linked to your app. This is available through the client SDK and supports Android, iOS, and UWP. You may use Android Studio, Xcode, Visual Studio, or Unity – the cross platform game engine – to build apps.

2. Tools

Vuforia provides tools for creating targets, managing target databases and securing application licenses.

The Area Target Generator is a desktop application that allows you to create targets from 3D-scans of an environment.

The Area Target Test Application helps to quickly assess the quality and coverage of an Area Target dataset. This app is distributed as a pre-compiled Android APK and as source-code to deploy to all mobile platforms.

The Model Target Generator is a Windows desktop application that allows you to quickly create targets from pre-existing 3D models. The Model Target Generator supports popular formats including .obj, .fbx, .pvz, .stl, .igs, .dae, .stp, and .vrml. 

The Model Target Test Application assists in evaluating Model Targets. This app is distributed as a pre-compiled Android APK, that you can install on you own device.

The Vuforia Object Scanner (available for Android) helps you easily scan 3D objects into a target format that is compatible with the Vuforia Engine.

The Target Manager is a web app on the developer portal that allows you to create databases of targets for use on the device and the cloud (for large numbers of targets).

All applications need a license key to work. The License Manager allows you to create and manage your license keys and associated service plans. Learn More

3. Cloud Recognition Service

Vuforia also offers a Cloud Recognition Service for when your app needs to recognize a large set of images or if the database is frequently updated. The Vuforia Web Services API allows you to manage these large image databases in the cloud efficiently and enables you to automate your workflows by direct integration into your content management systems.