Model Targets with Polycam

The Polycam app for iOS devices can be used to quickly scan and generate 3D models that can be used to create Model Targets.

Polycam has two modes for capturing objects. Their Photo Mode can be used with many iOS devices and will reconstruct an object based only on the images. If you have an iOS device with LiDAR, you can use the LiDAR Mode and reconstruct a 3D model true to scale, provided the object is not too small.

NOTE: With the subscription to Polycam, you can also use their cloud service and upload images from other sources than iOS devices.

See the video tutorial below to get started


An iOS device with a LiDAR scanner is required if you wish to use the LiDAR mode. Other iOS devices are supported from 2015 and newer.


Get Polycam from the App Store.

Scanning Guide

The entire workflow of scanning an object, previewing the mesh, and reconstructing the 3D model is contained within the app. When using Photo Mode, the images are uploaded to their servers for the reconstruction process. LiDAR Mode is processed in the app.

You can see Polycam’s capturing guides with LiDAR Mode here and the capturing guides with Photo Mode here.

NOTE: In Photo Mode, the object can be flipped to capture all its sides. Just remember to enable the Use Object Masking before uploading it for processing.

See also our general guidelines for capturing objects.


The Polycam app offers a set of inbuilt tools and controls to edit the mesh and texture. You can see an introduction to them here. If you are using the Photo Mode, you will have to import the 3D model into a mesh editor for inspection and correcting the scale.

TIP: The app has a measuring tool that is useful for inspecting the scale beforehand.

See Polycam’s list of supported data file formats that it can export. Note, that after preparing the 3D model, the file format should be saved as one that the Model Target Generator supports.

Model Preparation

Polycam has a list of video tutorials on importing and editing the 3D model with different mesh editors and 3D modeling software.

Inspect the 3D model in an editing software for accurate scale, recommended number of vertices, accurate colors, and make sure that the texture does not include hard shadows. See the best practices for Model Targets for more information.

See the Create a Model Target from a Reconstruction for the final steps.

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