Vuforia Web Services API

The Vuforia Web Services (VWS) API is a RESTful API that enables developers to integrate with Vuforia Cloud Services, including the Cloud Recognition service, VuMark Generation API, and the Model Target Web API. Use the API to upload Image Targets to a Cloud Recognition Database, query Cloud Databases, create Model Targets, generate VuMarks and more.

Get Started with Vuforia Web Services API

Model Target Web API

With the Web API, you can access the Model Target generation process in the cloud.  The Model Target Web API has complete customization options just like the desktop MTG tool.

See Model Target Web API to learn more about automating Model Target generation. 

Cloud Recognition

Connect to your Cloud Recognition databases on the Vuforia Developer Portal and introduce the Web API into your own application for adding and managing Image Targets

See Cloud Targets Web API and the Cloud Query Web API for information on managing and querying your Cloud targets.

VuMark Instance generation

VuMark instances based on a template in a VuMark database can be generated via the Web API. Access your VuMark databases on your Vuforia Developer Portal and generate any number of unique instances that can be used for identifying and tracking among any number of instances.

See the VuMark Generation API to get started.

VWS client sample code

Explore the capabilities of the Vuforia Web Services with the VWS Samples in Java and PHP that include examples for executing calls to Vuforia Web Services API in Java and PHP.


All API calls must use HTTPS with Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 or greater and must be authenticated either via OAuth2 or the VWS signature scheme. See the Vuforia Web API Authentication article for more information.

See Vuforia Engine Data Security for additional information.

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