Vuforia License Manager

The License Manager provides you with the tools and information you need to create and manage your licenses. Whether you are developing or deploying an app, you need a license key. The exception to this is Unity developers that do not need to work with targets. For more information, please refer to Pricing and Licensing Options.

Each license key can only be used in a single app. You will need to create a unique license key for each Vuforia Engine app that you develop, though you can use the same license key for all OS versions of the app supported by your license type.

Once you've created a license key, you can assign Device, VuMark, and Cloud Databases to your app using the Vuforia Target Manager.

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Pricing and Licensing Options
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License Manager FAQ

How to Create a License Key

Vuforia Engine apps utilize a license key that uniquely identifies the app and enables it to access Vuforia Engine. License keys are created in the License Manager.

This section will walk you through the steps necessary to create license keys for your apps. It will also help you determine which license and plan type is needed based on your expected usage, development stage, and target devices.

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You will need a Vuforia Engine Developer account to create license keys; if you don't already have a Vuforia Engine Developer account, See: How To Register as a Vuforia Engine Developer

1. Go to the License Manager page and click Get Development Key..

2. Add a desired name for your license key in the License Name field. Check the confirmation box to accept the Vuforia Developer Agreement.

3. Press Confirm. Your new license will appear in the License Manager. 

When you are ready to deploy, click Buy Deployment Key to purchase the key that fits your project and company profile. You cannot use the Development license for publishing to the app store. A purchased license is required!

How to Cancel a License

License keys can be both canceled and deleted. Canceling a key deactivates that key's license and any monthly plans but retains a record of both in the License Manager. Deleting a key both cancels the key and removes its records from the License Manager. Cancellations are effective the end of the day the cancellation request is submitted.

Pro plans may be subject to different cancellation terms based on their plan agreement. Selecting “Cancel” for Pro plans submits a request to Vuforia Engine Support.

NOTE: That Development and Basic plans can only be deleted. Deletion of these keys also cancels the license.

For Basic + Cloud and Pro Licenses

  1. Log in to the License Manager.
  2. Select the license you want to cancel.
  3. Click the “Cancel” link on the license details tab.
  4. Enter YES in the confirmation field and then press Confirm.
  5. You will receive an email confirmation canceling the application license key.
  6. You can then delete the key from the license details panel for your canceled key.

NOTE: That deleting a Basic + Cloud or Pro license will automatically cancel the license key if it hasn't already been canceled.

For Development Projects

  1. Log in to the License Manager.
  2. Select the app license you want to cancel.
  3. Click the Delete License Key link on the license details tab.


     4. Press Delete to delete the key. This action will also cancel the license.

     5. You will receive an email confirmation canceling the application license key.