How To Work With Cloud Databases

Targets in Cloud Databases can be managed using either the Target Manager or the Vuforia Web Services API.

Managing Cloud Targets using the Target Manager

How To Create a New Cloud Database

Cloud Databases are hosted by the Vuforia Cloud Recognition service and provide a way to recognize up to more than 1 million target images. You can create Cloud Databases in the Vuforia Target Manager by following these steps.

  1. Go to the Target Manager in the Vuforia Developer Portal.
  2. Press Add Database. The Create Database dialog opens.
  3. Name the databaseand select the Cloud Database option. The database name should be unique for the developer account you are using.
  4. Choose an application to associate your database with. If you haven't already defined an app in the License Manager, See: How To Create an App License

  1. Press Create. You'll be taken back to the Target Manager database list.

Note that licenses keys can only have one Cloud Database assigned to them.

How To Add Targets to a Cloud Database

Image Targets can be added to a Cloud Database using either the Vuforia Target Manager or the Vuforia Web Services API.

Adding a Target to a Cloud Database using the Target Manager

  1. Go to the Target Manager page. You will see a list of existing databases listed by name and database type.
  2. In the list of databases, find and click the name of the Cloud database that you want to add a target to.

  1. In the Add Target dialog, define the name and width of your target.
    Note: Developers looking to use Cloud Databases in combination with Positional Device Tracker should specify the target size in meters.
  2. Upload the target image and optionally a metadata file.
  3. Click the Add button to create a new target in your Cloud Database.

  1. Your target will become active after a short processing interval.

How To Remove Targets from a Cloud Database

  1. Go to the Target Manager in the Vuforia Engine Developer Portal, you will see a list of existing Cloud Databases
  2. Click the name of the database containing the targets that you want to remove. You'll be presented a list of targets in that database.
  3. Click the check box next to the targets that you want to remove in the target list, or check the box next to Target Name to remove all targets.
  4. Select Delete from the Action

How To View the Details of a Cloud Database and its Targets

All existing databases appear on the page with the following information:

  • The App Name of the app to which the database is assigned.
  • The Database Type
  • The total number of targets in the database.
  • The date the database was last modified.

View a List of the Targets in a Database

  1. Go to the Target Manager page.
  2. Click the Cloud Database name containing the targets you want to view. This will take you to a page listing any targets in the database.

  1. Click Refresh  to update the page.

For each Image Target the following information is displayed next to the target name.

  • The target name.
  • The Augmentable Rating for any targets.
  • The target status of Active, Inactive or Pending.
  • The date that the target was last modified

View the details of a target

  1. Click the Target's name in the target list.

For Image Targets, the target's properties will be listed to the right of the target image.

  • The target type.
  • The target ID
  • The Augmentable Rating for any Image targets
  • The data that the target was added
  • The date that the target was last modified

The Show Features link under Image Targets will show you the contrast based features of the image that are used to detect and track the target.

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